Mission Statement

  • Create engaging animated and audio content to spread the positive values of Hawaiian Culture
  • Promote dialogue of cultural identity and social issues through thought-provoking animation
  • Provide an intellectual property that sparks creativity, fosters interest in Art, Music & Hawaiian Culture



Makaʻiwa Incorporated was founded in 1999 in Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi by Chad Martin to establish its initial DBA, Akua Graphic Arts; a full-service graphic design company. With strengths in vector art, layout, and logo design, Akua Graphic Arts enjoyed a steady client base on island. Relocating to the North Shore of Oʻahu in 2002, Makaʻiwa Inc. redirected its focus into renovation and management of a vacation rental DBA, Pipeline Makai. Akua Graphic Arts was able to continue design services for established clients on Kauaʻi island. Design projects on Oʻahu included commissioned work for numerous surf brands as well as a series of informational and event booklets for the Hawaii Department of Health.

Makaʻiwa Incorporated relocated to Honolulu, Hawaiʻi in 2006, where our focus turned to sales of original illustrated prints, website assets, and Hawaiian-themed vector clip-art. Our shift from design service to sales of original art has allowed Makaʻiwa Inc. to branch out into 3D modeling, animation, and videography; a true evolution of the art style upon which we started our company.  



Makaʻiwa Incorporated couples the art and animation of Chad Martin with the original music of singer/songwriter Lisa Chaly Martin, to fill a void of consistent quality Hawaiʻi-made animated content. Our innate love for Hawaiian/Pacific culture has enabled Makaʻiwa Inc. to create a rich fictional version of Polynesia, Papa-Honua. In the realm of Papa-Honua, we are able to incorporate gods, giants, spirits and other supernatural beings into the stories of Kānaka (Humanity) we wish to share. Through Papa-Honua, we are able to draw a wealth of Story, Song, and Educational Content for viewers of all ages and demographics.

Through our latest animated projects, Makaʻiwa Keiki™ and Wao Akua, The Graphic Novel™, Makaʻiwa Incorporated seeks to share a new brand of Hawaiian storytelling. Our aim is to create original tales and song steeped in the positive core values of indigenous Hawaiian culture; Lōkahi (Unity), Pono (Righteousness), and Aloha (Love). Mahalo.




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